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T3 Arena Tigris Guide: Abilities, Team Combos, and Gameplay Tips

Abilities, Team Combos, and Gameplay Tips

Tigris is the heavily-armored Vanguard hero introduced in T3 Arena’s Super Season 4 Battle Pass. With a kit brimming with disruption tools and defensive shielding, Tigris anchors his team with formidable area control and protection. Though a bigger hit-box to hit, Tigris makes up for it with his impeccable damage absorption skills. This T3 Arena Tigris Guide delves into abilities, combos, matchups, and tips to master Tigris

T3 Arena Tigris Guide: Abilities

Main Weapon: Shield Toss

Tigris’s main attack is throwing his shield, which ricochets off walls and opponents to hit multiple enemies. The shield has decent direct hit damage, but its true strength lies in bouncing it around for area damage.

First Active Ability: Charged Guard

His first ability raises an invincible shield that blocks all incoming damage for 15 seconds. Use this whenever you need breathing room from enemy fire.

Second Active Ability: Shield Slam

You can also dash forward out of the shield to slam into opponents. The slam stuns enemies and deals additional damage if you smash them against a wall.

Tigris's Second Active Ability: Shield SlamTigris's Second Active Ability: Shield Slam
Image via XD Inc.

Ultimate Ability: Decisive Cast

Finally, his ultimate sends out seeking shields that track nearby opponents no matter where they run. It deals heavy AOE damage and stuns enemies hit by the shields. Use Tigris’s ult when clashing in chokepoints or teamfights to lock down groups of enemies.

Passive Ability: Charged Shield

Tigris also passively gains shield defense each time he hits an opponent with his shield, making him harder to take down.

Gameplay Tips for Tigris in T3 Arena

Tigris in T3 ArenaTigris in T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.

Here are some tips to dominating matches with Tigris:

  • Bounce shields off walls for extra damage. Lead shots on moving targets.
  • Weave shield dash slams between attacks for sustained disruption.
  • Save shield ability to block major attacks and abilities like Zero Kelvin’s ult.
  • During teamfights, look to ult groups of 2+ enemies together.
  • Body block skillshots headed for low health teammates. The shield passive reduces damage taken.

Best Team Combinations to use with Tigris in T3 Arena

Pair Tigris with heroes that can take advantage of his crowd control and shielding abilities:

  • Gatlyn: Her core fire melts blocked in enemies while Tigris shields her.
  • Fade: Fade unloads huge damage on stunned targets from Tigris’s shield slam and ult.
  • Diggy: Diggy dives the backline as Tigris disrupts and shields for him.

Tigris is strong against low-mobility heroes like Gatlyn, Vincent, and Chemist. Tigris locks these targets down with shield slams and his AOE ult. Weak against persistent damage dealers like Iris and Gloria who whittle down his shield defense. Heroes with shield piercing attacks like Zero Kelvin also counter Tigris’s durability.

Final Thoughts

Tigris takes practice to handle his versatile toolkit, but mastering it transforms you into an impenetrable fortress. Remember, timing is the most crucial part when using this tank. Waiting for the right time to pop your impenetrable shield and absorbing the maximum amount of damage, like countering enemies’ ultimate combo can decide the course of any match. You can also use his dash ability instantly from his shield state to slam enemies by surprise and take out key eliminations.

Halt enemies in their tracks as you support your team to victory with this formidable Vanguard hero. Players can collect him either purchasing the battle pass or use the hero tickets to purchase him for free from the Hero section.

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