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Tower of Fantasy electronic lock passwords

Passwords for Electronic Lock and Deconstruction Device

With its massive launch, Level Infinite‘s Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is already on top of the hype list for gacha players. The game comes with unique mechanisms, not to mention the brain-whacking puzzles. The map is filled with various puzzles and locks and for a new player, it can be overwhelming to solve all of those at once. In this article, we’ll list down all the locations and correct passwords for the Electronic Lock, Deconstruction Device, and similar puzzles in Tower of Fantasy.

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Correct passwords for Electronic Lock and Deconstruction Device puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

These are scattered throughout the map on Tower of Fantasy, so we have created the table to give you the complete information you would need to solve these puzzles.

Location Coordinates Device type Correct Password
HT201 Shelter 85.0, 967.0 Electronic Lock 1647
The Lumina 788.0, 670.0 Electronic Lock 1024
The Lumina 734.0, 849.0 Deconstruction Device – PDC2 7268
Seaforth Dock 515.0, 768.5 Electronic Lock 3594
Miners’ Camp 376.6, 245.3 Deconstruction Device – PDC1 4753
North Seventh Day Forest -536.8, -448.9 Electronic Lock 2202
Navia -757.8, -569.9 Signal Station 5972
Navia -645.1, -849.1 Password Memory Puzzle 3344
Aarniel Fortress 380.7, -832.5 Deconstruction Device – PDW1 8521
Secret Aida Base Dawn Frontier 651.1, -1242.8 Code – locked Door 7092

With this list, hope things will be easier for the wanderers in Aida. Finding and using the correct passwords are a big challenge and can be really frustrating sometimes. However, with this list of Passwords for Electronic Lock and Deconstruction Device puzzles in Tower of Fantasy players can solve all of them in one go!

To help the new players immerse in the world of Tower of Fantasy, we have also prepared a bunch of useful guides including redeem codes. So make sure to check them out if you are new and want to learn more about ToF.

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