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pokemon scarlet and violet legendaries koraidon and miraidon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players convinced Gen 5 remakes coming soon after spotting “clue”

Niladri Sarkar

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendary duo of Kiraidon and Miraidon seem to have joined the list of other hints to the much-awaited Gen 5 remakes, as fans have found an Easter egg hidden in plain sight.

With the Blueberry Academy of the Indigo Disk DLC set in the Unova region, and Pokemon like Archaludon clearly referencing Gen 5, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are expecting to get the remake of Pokemon Black and White as soon as possible.

Just when the community thought they had figured out all the hints about the fan-favorite Unova region, a few trainers may have spotted another Easter egg based on the Legendary Pokemon with whom you explore Scarlet and Violet and the DLCs: Koraidon and Miraidon.

After Reddit user ‘iWentRogue’ shared a post showing the shiny versions of Miraidon and Koraidon captioned with: “I cannot wait until these two are available in a future event,” while also adding: “Some of the best looking Legendary shinies out there,” many users expressed their eagerness to get them.

While they are shiny-locked in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at the moment, fans expect to get them through a special event or mystery codes down the line.

But the post also led to comments highlighting how these shinies could hint towards the Gen 5 remakes that Pokemon fans are desperately waiting for.

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A user wrote: “Have you noticed that shinies are BLACK and WHITE?” referring to the title of the Gen 5 games, Pokemon Black and White (BW), as another mentioned: “I like how there have been so many hints at BW sequels/remakes in this game including the box legendary shinies.”

“Yeah, they’ve been going deep with the references! It’s making me excited in anticipation,” a player replied. “Seeing all the cool tidbits they hid as direct references was really nice.”

The Pokemon Company

The Legendary Dragons of Gen 5 are black and white in color.

Some even think that the shiny colors of Koraidon and Miraidon were intentional, as one put it, “Wait, a black dragon [and] a white dragon on the same sides as black & white (not in this image) is just me or did they plan this from the beginning as a subtle clue?”

With so many references in both the main game and the two DLCs, fans hope they get an announcement about the Gen 5 remakes in 2024 and if the Blueberry Academy has a role in the game.

In the meantime, you can explore fun things to do in the Indigo Disk DLC, such as the Synchro Machine feature as well as the Item Printer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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