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Pokemon Go players catch rate angry

Pokemon Go players furious with “abysmal” Ultra Beast catch rate

Lucas Simons

For Pokemon Go players, getting the strongest Pokemon means investing time and effort by doing Raids, which often, end up with bad results. And now, a PoGo trainer learned that the RNG in Niantic’s mobile game is merciless.

Raids are an important element in Pokemon Go, as they provide a good way to earn XP, Items, and, of course, highlighted Pokemon like Mega Evolutions, and Legendaries. But many players end up being frustrated, as even if they did everything good, winning a Raid doesn’t necessarily mean you will have the ultimate reward.

The catch rate of certain Pokemon is significantly low, and more so, in the case of Legendary Pokemon. Many trainers end up facing the unmerciful RNG system of the game, which determines if you get your favorite Mon home, or you end up wasting ball after ball.

And this happened to Reddit user ‘Remy2099’ who took it to the Pokemon Go community to complain about a ridiculously low catch rate.

The OP posted this on the Pokemon Go subreddit, alongside the lines: “14 excellent throws in a row. And it ran!” They also explained how they even used 14 Golden Rasp Berries, and even so, the Pokemon managed to get away.

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One of the trainers added: “The chances of not getting it after 14 consecutive excellent curves with golden razz and platinum medal is 2.02% lol! How much CP did it have when it escaped?”

To which the creator of the post responded: “I only have a gold medal for electric types, it was 2200+ I’m not 100% sure it was perfect.”

Meanwhile, another player who has experienced a similar situation before shared: “The throws are a lie, they always seem to only accept the blunder throws as if pitying me.” An angry trainer also added: “Kinda feels like the game is telling you ‘you’re going to accept that 120xp from an unrated catch and you’re gonna like it!’”

No matter how hard these trainers try, sometimes, luck is just not on your side. But it is a fact that these Ultra Beast raids have a considerably low rate of successful catches.

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