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pokemon go shiny jigglypuff with ribbon

Pokemon Go player uses Master Ball on hilariously weak shiny because it’s “fancy”

Niladri Sarkar

A Pokemon Go player has left fans gushing after they used the elusive Master Ball to capture a rare and adorable species because they didn’t want to take any chances with it!

The New Year 2024 event in Pokemon Go had players actively grinding for costumed versions of Jigglypuff and Hoothoot, and various species with Party Hats in Raids.

But among all these featured Pokemon, none was as sought-after as the ribbon-wearing Jigglypuff and its shiny version. As an iconic species, Jigglypuff is a favorite for many fans and the special costumed version in the event was a must-catch for them.

But one such trainer made a completely unexpected move when they caught this Pokemon with the Master Ball, leading to their husband “shaking his head” and fans celebrating the trainer’s catch.

The trainer in question is Reddit user ‘Miserada’ who shared their experience in a post titled: “I wasn’t taking any chances with this lady” and shared a Pokemon Go catch card of a 44 CP shiny ribbon-wearing Jigglypuff caught in a Master Ball.

They went on to elaborate that they stumbled upon the shiny Jigglypuff while running some errands and thinking that this “kind of luck could only be accompanied by tragedy,” they caught it in a Master Ball.

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Pokemon Go trainers in the comments section celebrated the catch, even though the low CP Mon could have been easily caught with a Golden Razz Berry and an Ultra Ball.

Their comments included: “Yeah, I would have done the same. She’s pretty,” and “Well, at least you’re happy with your shiny event Jigglypuff. So, congratulations.”

Another fan stated: “She is very fancy she deserves a ball that special,” lauding the surprising Master Ball capture.

When a few users assumed that the OP wasn’t serious about the game and so they used the Master Ball on such a Pokemon, the OP quickly chimed in by replying: “That’s not a particularly fair take. I take collecting very seriously. I don’t take PvP seriously. Jigglypuff is my favorite Pokemon. The event lasted three whole days.”

Fearing that their favorite Pokemon would run away, the OP further added: “I would be wrecked for months missing out on shiny costumed Jigglypuff, so it was worth it.”

Pokemon Go offers fans the chance to catch their favorite species and it’s certainly heartwarming to see the OP happy with their shiny Jigglypuff catch, even though they used the Master Ball.

If you’re looking for some rare and highly sought-after species in Pokemon Go, here’s how to get Frigibax and Larvesta.

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