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How to get VRs in The Finals: Where to spend & maximum limit

Aakrit Sharma

The Finals is a free-to-play title but virtual currencies like VR exist in the game to help you unlock Specializations and Gadgets for Contestants. Here’s everything to know about it, including how to get and spend it and the maximum amount you can collect at once.

The Finals is upon us after two massively successful betas and the fast-paced action has captivated FPS enthusiasts around the world. Like Fortnite, OW2, Valorant, and Apex Legends, Embark Studios’ title is free-to-play with plenty of cosmetics up for grabs.

While Multibucks in The Finals are necessary for buying your favorite skins, the wide range of Specializations and Gadgets in the game can be unlocked through another currency called VR.

If you want to improve your build in The Finals, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get, spend, and collect VR.

The Finals combatEmbark Studios
The Finals had a stealth release during The Game Awards 2023.

How to get VRs in The Finals

You can get VRs in The Finals by playing matches in any game mode such as Cashout, Bank It, and Tournament. At the end of every match, you’ll get some VR, and the amount varies based on these factors:

  • The first match or victory of the day grants you the most VR. The amount reduces as you play more games.
  • After getting the first match/win bonus, you can expect to get 80-200 VR each match. While some believe that the number is based on your kills/performance, others suspect that the duration for which you play also has an impact.

Some players have also reported that you can get VR through Career progression. Upon reaching certain levels, they received additional VRs as a reward but we can confirm that this doesn’t happen every time you level up.

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We’ll update this space when we have more information on how The Finals hands out VRs after games and which Career milestones grant bonus VRs, so make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Where to spend VRs in The Finals

You can spend VRs in The Finals on Specializations, Weapons, and Gadgets, and here’s how to find the store:

  1. Launch The Finals.
  2. Click on the Equipment section on the right side of the screen or simply click on the VR button located near the Multibucks button.
  3. All the available Specializations, Weapons, and Gadgets for Light, Medium, and Heavy builds will appear.
  4. You can purchase Specializations and Weapons for 800 VR while Gadgets cost 1000 VR.
Items that can be purchased through VRs in The FinalsEmbark Studios
VRs and Multibucks are the two primary currencies in The Finals.

How much VR can you collect in The Finals?

You can only collect 3000 VRs at once in The Finals and the matches won’t grant you anything upon reaching this limit. Once you’ve acquired 3000 VR, make sure to spend it on the desired Specialization, Gadgets, or Weapons to progress smoothly.

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