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Warzone devs confirm another MTZ Interceptor nerf finally coming soon

Nathan Warby

Warzone devs Raven Software have revealed they’re planning to release a weapon balancing update and players are relieved to hear that the MTZ Interceptor is one of the guns set to receive a nerf.

Warzone Season 1 features a huge lineup of weapons, after the full slate of Modern Warfare 3 weapons joined all the existing Modern Warfare 2 guns at the beginning of the season.

Despite there being well over 100 options to choose from, as always, certain guns have risen to the top of the meta and dominated matches. The BAS-B was seen as the best gun in the game before a nerf allowed LMGs like the Bruen Mk9 to take over.

Now, the Warzone devs have confirmed another balancing update is in the works, and the MTZ Interceptor is set to be on the receiving end of a nerf.

“We’ve seen your questions about weapon balance and we’re happy to confirm that an update is coming mid next week,” said Raven in a January 3 X (formerly Twitter) post. “And yes, that includes changes to the MTZ Interceptor!”

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The Marksman Rifle has become one of the most dominant Warzone weapons in Season 1 despite a previous nerf, capable of downing a fully-plated enemy in just a handful of shots. Plenty of players responded to the post, calling the decision to nerf the Interceptor a “huge W.”

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The devs didn’t reveal which other guns will receive balancing changes in the update, but fans were quick to share their preferred choices. There were a number of calls for popular picks like the Pulemyot 762 and WSP Swarm to be nerfed too.

Meanwhile, others mentioned they wanted changes to Sniper Rifles to make them more balanced in Season 1.

“Bring snipers back to where they were in WZ1,” said CoD news page ‘WarzoneTFN.’ “Slower/larger caliber snipers can ‘one shot’ down from long ranges. Faster snipers can only ‘one shot’ up to a certain set range.”

Raven Software didn’t give an exact date for the update, but “mid next week” points to somewhere around the January 10 or 11 mark. The Warzone Season 1 Reloaded update is also around the corner, where more buffs and nerfs, as well as other new weapons, will shake up the meta once again.

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