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BLAST Returns for FNCS 2024 Season and Takes Over RLCS

This week we’ve finally gotten an update on Epic Games’ esports titles, but not just the FNCS 2024 season for the Battle Royale. For the past few years, Epic has turned over their biggest esports events for Fortnite to BLAST Esports. A company with substantially more experience organizing and operating esports events. However, starting in 2024 they’ll also be taking over esports for Rocket League.

What does this new announcement mean for fans of both games? For Fortnite, it is kind of business as usual. For Rocket League, we’re going to see some changes. In both cases, it seems to signify that Epic definitely sees the BLAST Fortnite esports events of the last few years as a success.

If you angling after a return to the more retro format for Fortnite esports, you might be out of luck. On the whole though this feels like a very good thing for the future of Fortnite esports and Rocket League. BLAST have a track record of bringing an extra level of polish to Epic’s games. This is why it’s good news for fans of both games.

BLAST Esports Running FNCS 2024 Season and Rocket League

BLAST Esports are going to be running the FNCS 2024 season. They’re also stepping into operating the Rocket League Championship too. BLAST and Epic are far from strangers though. They’ve been running the FNCS events for a few years now. They oversaw the switch from just seasonal FNCS tournaments over to a competitive system that built to an end of year LAN.

FNCS 2024FNCS 2024

Source: Epic Games

Since they’ve been running Fortnite esports, the entire year’s tournaments are a starter where players are securing their spots for a final at the end of the year. The 2023 year took this a step further, with each being a structured Major before the conclusion. That was a showstopping Copenhagen LAN. Last year’s format change was billed as an experiment, but with BLAST expanding this year we can probably call that experiment a success.

For Rocket League, BLAST will be taking on responsibility for the RLCS too. The Rocket League Championship Series is the equivalent of the FNCS for that game. 2023 season saw 3 regional events happening before an international Major. It’s already a similar format to the BLAST Esports ran FNCS. However, BLAST have brought a higher production value and tighter organization to these events compared to what Epic tends to have managed.

The BLAST Esports Deal Renewal Is a Positive for Fortnite and Rocket League

We’re getting more BLAST ran Fortnite events, but what does this mean for a Fortnite esports fan? It means that Epic’s fairly happy with how things have been running. Having FNCS events followed by a LAN does exclude quite a bit of Fortnite. We haven’t seen a serious event in a different format like Solos in some time. That’s probably not changing for the FNCS 2024 season.

While it is disappointing if you’re still clamouring after a return to the variety of Chapter 1 esports and tournaments like the World Cup, BLAST has done a pretty job so far. Instead of having things change constantly with how the major events work, Epic’s Fortnite tournaments have stabilized since they took over. The production value has gone up and the experience tuning in for these finales have been much better than before their involvement.

FNCS Global ChampionshipFNCS Global Championship

Source: Epic Games

We’ve seen Fortnite esports develop its own tone and signature build. The BLAST run events give momentum through the entire year. Limiting things to one format also helps to make the highest level of competitive Fortnite more of a distinct personality.

The early years of Epic ran events were fun, but at their core they aren’t an esports organizer. Partnering with BLAST allows us to get Fortnite and RLCS esports events that feel like they’re competitive with games like LoL and Dota. Getting this for Rocket League as well as Fortnite is great news.

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