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What are multikills in Modern Warfare 3? How to get a multikill

Liam Mackay

Whether you’re trying to complete challenges or are just playing Modern Warfare 3 regularly, you’ll probably have come across multikills. Here’s how to get a multikill in MW3.

As you play through Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer, there will be plenty of rewards to unlock such as new weapons and camos. These challenges range from simple to incredibly difficult and when grinding camos and weekly challenges, one you might have seen pop up is to get multikills.

The game doesn’t explain what you need to do to get a multikill so if you’re unsure what a multikill is in MW3, here’s how many kills it takes to get one.

How to get multikills in MW3

To get a multikill in Modern Warfare 3, simply eliminate two or more enemies in quick succession. Chaining two or more kills within a couple of seconds grants you a multikill.

As long as it’s at least two kills it’ll count, so don’t worry if it pops up with Double Kill or Triple Kill as that will still count as a multikill when completing challenges.


Head to small maps like Rust to get easy multikills.

Best way to get multikills in MW3

If you’re struggling to get multikills in MW3, make sure you’re playing aggressively and pushing objectives to increase your chances of taking on multiple enemies at once. Smaller maps such as Meat, Shipment, or Rust will offer more opportunities for getting double kills.

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Luckily though, multikills should be fairly common and will happen naturally as you play, with Fury Kills being one of the more difficult to complete.

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