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The Finals squad jumping in the air with weapons in hand

How to bunny hop & slide in The Finals

Nikhil Bahuguna

Movement is a big part of The Finals and having a few tricks up your sleeve will help you play aggressively, escape, or simply finesse your opponents. If you’re wondering how to bunny hop and slide in The Finals, here are the simple steps you must follow.

The Finals had a surprise launch on December 7 and it also marked the start of Season 1 in the game. The first season brought a brand-new Battle Pass alongside plenty of changes and a few new weapons and Gadgets.

One of the primary reasons behind The Finals’ massive success during its Open Beta was its high-octane gameplay, allowing you to move across the map using jump pads, zip lines, and various abilities. 

Additionally, you can also perform certain high-skill movement mechanics like bunny hops and slides, much like in games like CS2, Valorant, and Apex Legends.

That said, here’s how to bunny hop (bhop) and slide in The Finals.

How to slide in The Finals


Sliding onto jump pads will help you cover great distances.

Sliding is easy in The Finals, and all you need to do to perform a slide is hold crouch while sprinting. By default your sprint key is bound to the Left Shift and your crouch will be bound to the Left Ctrl. So, if you press the Left Shift and then hold the Left Ctrl, you’ll be able to slide in The Finals.

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Keep in mind that while performing slides, you’ll need to build momentum first, and if you try to slide without it, you’ll simply crouch and move forward slowly.

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Slides are also important if you’re looking to take full advantage of The Finals terrain and jump pads, here’s why:

  • Slopes across the map will allow you to maintain your speed while sliding and it’ll appear to be faster than sprinting.
  • Sliding onto a jump pad will enable you to travel forward while in the air, covering a much larger distance than the regular jumps.

Finally, sliding is essential if you’re looking to escape or outplay your opponents as it’ll make your hitbox a lot harder to hit.

How to bunny hop in The Finals

To do bunny hops in The Finals, you need to press your jump button as soon as you hit the ground, which by default is bound to Space. Bhops will allow you to maintain the momentum, that you might have gained through jump pads or other mobility tech, and you can do a few bunny hops back to back with proper timing.

It might be easier to bunny hop in The Finals if you bind your jump key to the Mouse Scroll. Popular streamer aceu has their jump bound to both Space and Mouse Scroll.

There are a plethora of movement techs that you can perform in the game and if you can combine all of them in certain situations, you’ll be able to move across points extremely quickly.

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So there you have it! That’s all you need to know to bunny hop and slide in The Finals. For more content on the game, be sure to give these a look:

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