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Diablo 4 Butcher

Diablo 4 players share their “unforgettable” Butcher showdowns

Stephanie Zucarelli

The Butcher in Diablo 4 is one of the scariest bosses to face while exploring the map of Sanctuary. Here’s what Diablo 4 players shared about their best Butcher encounters.

Diablo 4 players know all too well the dreadful feeling when they hear “Fresh meat!” while exploring a Dungeon in Sanctuary. While Blizzard’s ARPG has many creepy demonic bosses, The Butcher likes to take users by surprise and usually succeeds in taking them down.

First introduced in the original Diablo, The Butcher was reintroduced in Diablo 4 as a bonus boss that randomly spawns in places where it can blindside players. Right before ambushing the Wanderer, the giant demon will yell “Fresh meat!” and start attacking them relentlessly.

In a Reddit post titled “What’s your best Butcher encounter?” the Diablo 4 community shared their best battles against The Butcher, and while most ended in defeat, some were grateful for surviving the assault.

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“I didn’t think he was scary (mostly because I don’t care if I die) but I was shocked that when I saw him for the first time at like lvl 20, of just how persistent he is. I could not get away from him at all. Maybe someday I’ll play a beefy Druid or barbarian and smoke this guy,” remembered Redditor ‘TurboTitan02.’

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Diablo 4 fan ‘Vli37’ also commented that every time they faced The Butcher, the boss would make them use all their potions to then deal the finishing blow. However, during Season 2, the player managed what they thought was impossible: making The Butcher flee.

“I finally got him to the last check mark. All of a sudden, he starts running away. Up to this point, it was 8-0 in The Butcher’s favor. I was shocked, usually The Butcher tries and hooks you back so you can’t run away, but this time it was different. I just thought he couldn’t stomach the loss. Quite the memory, I’ll never forget this encounter,” they said.

Other players admitted that they weren’t so lucky and that the first time they got ambushed, they were merely starting a new character in Hardcore mode, which enables permadeath. “Went into the first cellar I saw at Level 1, but he whooped my a*s and that was the end of my Hardcore career. Maybe lasted 3 minutes, lol,” commented user ‘Kdkxchronicx.’

As Diablo 4 Season of Blood is coming to an end, there are surely lots of new powers players have gained to face the dreaded Butcher when they pop up. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check out what major endgame issue Necromancers are facing or why Diablo 4 players are fed up with rewards locked in PvP areas.

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