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Cookie Run Kingdom Voice Actors updated list for 2024

A fun game with many plot lines and a large cast of characters is Cookie Run: Kingdom. The adventure begins with GingerBrave and his companions following a cute Cake Hound before running into various foes and visiting distinct gaming areas. You may check out who portrayed your favorite characters by viewing the list of all confirmed Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors right here.

Characters Voice Actors
GingerBrave Jeremy Shada
Strawberry Cookie Anairis Quinones
Wizard Cookie Kyle McCarley
Chili Pepper Cookie Kimberly Brooks
Custard Cookie III Jaimie Kelton
Dark Enchantress Cookie Patty McCormack
Licorice Cookie Cameron Bowen
Poison Mushroom Cookie A.J. Beckles
Pomegranate Cookie Victoria Grace
Dark Choco Cookie Isaac Robinson-Smith
Pure Vanilla Cookie Yuri Lowenthal
Hollyberry Cookie Elizabeth Maxwell
Golden Cheese Cookie Pilar Uribe
Dark Cacao Cookie Patrick Seitz
White Lily Cookie Erica Mendez
Moonlight Cookie G.K. Bowes
Sea Fairy Cookie Laura Post
Fire Spirit Cookie Austin Lee Matthews
Wind Archer Cookie Kellen Goff
Millenial Tree Cookie Keith Silverstein
Ninja Cookie Stephen Fu
Angel Cookie Erika Ishii
Muscle Cookie Jimmy Chau
Beet Cookie Elysia Rotaru
Knight Cookie Daniel Amerman
Princess Cookie Eden Riegel
Cherry Cookie Kiera Please
Alchemist Cookie Jeannie Tirado
Adventurer Cookie Christopher Lee Parson
Blackberry Cookie Michelle Phan
Gumball Cookie Caylus Cunningham
Onion Cookie LilyPichu
Pancake Cookie Alex Einstein
Avocado Cookie Courtenay Taylor
Carrot Cookie Rosanna Pansino
Clover Cookie Lucien Dodge
Snow Sugar Cookie Analesa Fisher
Vampire Cookie Jason Kaye
Tiger Lily Cookie Stephanie Sheh
Werewolf Cookie Desmond Chiam
Mint Choco Cookie / Eclair Cookie Zeno Robinson
Herb Cookie Khoi Dao
Sparkling Cookie Xander Mobus
Purple Yam Cookie Sean Chiplock
Milk Cookie Daman Mills
Madeleine Cookie Yong Yea
Espresso Cookie Zach Aguilar
Rye Cookie Amber Lee Connors
Kumiho Cookie Kimlinh Tran
Cream Puff Cookie Cassandra Lee Morris
Latte Cookie Vivian Lamolli
Almond Cookie Ray Chase
Black Raisin Cookie Tiana Camacho
Strawberry Crepe Cookie Valeria Rodriguez
Fig Cookie Giselle Fernandez
Pastry Cookie / Tails Cookie Colleen O’Shaughnessey
Red Velvet Cookie Max Mittelman
Devil Cookie Aleks Lee
Mango Cookie Chistrian Banas
Lilac Cookie Behzad Dabu
Sorbet Shark Cookie Arianna Ratner
Squid Ink Cookie Courtney Lin
Parfait Cookie Amanda Lee
Raspberry Cookie Christina Kirkman
Moon Rabbit Cookie Cristina Pucelli
Twizzly Gummy Cookie Dawn Bennett
Mala Sauce Caitlyn Elizabeth
Pumpkin Pie Cookie Suzie Yeung
Cotton Cookie Cherami Leigh
Frost Queen Cookie Cristina Vee
Cocoa Cookie Kody Kavitha
Tea Knight Cookie Jason Marnocha
Affogato Cookie Conrad Haynes
Caramel Arrow Cookie Dani Chambers
Cherry Blossom Cookie Sarah Wiedenheft
Wildberry Cookie Kamran Nikhad
Clotted Cream Cookie Aaron Dismuke
Crunchy Chip Cookie Justice Washington
Oyster Cookie Elley Ray
Sherbet Cookie Bryson Baugus
Pitaya Dragon Cookie Andrew Morgado
Sonic Cookie Roger Craig Smith
Red Velvet Dragon TesterHoon
Pinecone Mara Junot
Capsaicin Cookie Adam Gold
Smoked Cheese Cookie Alejandro Saab
Crème Brûlée Cookie Alex Bankier
 Mystic Opal Cookie Ally Dixon
Wild Strawberry Cookie Anairis Quiñones
Bumbleberry Cookie Anairis Quiñones
Priest Cookie Anairis Quiñones
Fluffy Passenger Anairis Quiñones
Sablé Cookie Analesa Fisher
Royal Berry Cookie Andrew Morgado
Kouign-Amann Cookie Ariana Molkara
Mirror Knight Ariana Molkara
Gold Citrine Cookie Ariana Nicole George
Abalone Cookie Austen Moret
 Carol Cookie Bailey Stender
 Blueberry Pie Cookie Burgandi Trejo Phoenix
 Mozzarella Cookie Christina Costello
Mulled Juice Cookie Chris Tergilafera
Macaroni Cookie Christopher Bencomo
Captain Caviar Cookie Dave Fennoy
Linzer Cookie Dawn M. Bennett
Milky Way Cookie Della Saba
 Peppermint Cookie Emily Hinkler
 Black Pearl Cookie Erica Mendez
White Lily Cookie Erica Mendez
White Pearl Cookie Erica Mendez
 Moonlight Cookie G.K. Bowes
Shining Glitter Cookie Grace Lu
 Icicle Yeti Cookie Greg Vinciguerra
Lord Oyster Griffin Burns
Prophet Cookie Gideon Emery
Black Lemonade Cookie Jenny Yokobori
Frilled Jellyfish Cookie Jessie Gill
Cheddar Cheese Cookie Joe Sanfelippo
Tarte Tatin Cookie Kat Cressida
Schwarzwälder Kellen Goff
Prune Juice Cookie Kenny Yates
Aquamarine Cookie Kirsten Day
 Snapdragon Cookie Lana McKissack
Crimson Coral Cookie Megan Hensley
Rockstar Cookie Michael Schwalbe
Fettuccine Cookie Nadia Hamzeh
Olive Cookie Negin Farsad
Royal Margarine Cookie Peyton Crim
Stardust Cookie Robbie Daymond
Burnt Cheese Cookie Ryan Colt Levy
Goofy Cookie Bill Farmer
Peter Pan Cookie Blayne Weaver
Mickey Mouse Cookie Bret Iwan
 Stitch Cookie Chris Sanders
 Alice Cookie Hynden Walch
Pocahontas Cookie Irene Bedard
Cinderella Cookie Jennifer Hale
Ariel Cookie Jodi Benson
Belle Cookie Julie Nathanson
Minnie Mouse Cookie Kaitlyn Robrock
Princess Aurora Cookie Kate Higgins
Snow White Cookie Katherine Von Till
Jasmine Cookie Linda Larkin
Lilo Cookie Micah Aliling
Mulan Cookie Ming-Na Wen
Beast Cookie Robby Benson
Aladdin Cookie Scott Weinger
Donald Duck Cookie Tony Anselmo
Daisy Duck Cookie Tress MacNeille

There are a lot of good names in the voice actor department. That’s the full list of voice actors in Cookie Run: Kingdom as of 2024. Through time, more and more characters will be introduced to the game, so this list will be updated time. Be sure to check back now and then to have the latest info on the in-game voice actors.

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