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Meat map MW3

MW3 players call for party mode missing since Cold War to return

Luca Di Marzo

New game modes will make their way to Modern Warfare 3 with post-launch seasonal content and fans are calling for a classic party mode to return.

Christmas has come and gone but Modern Warfare 3 players still have a few requests on their wishlists. MW3 Season 1 Reloaded is expected to arrive on January 17 and bring the long-awaited Ranked Play mode with it.

While Ranked Play appeals to fans of the competitive CoD experience, some players are demanding a casual addition to the list of game modes on offer in MW3. The Call of Duty franchise is well known for its diverse game modes including those that fall under the party mode category.

Party modes like Gun Game and One in the Chamber offer a great change of pace, and now Modern Warfare 3 players want to see Prop Hunt added to the game.

A post on the MW3 subreddit titled ‘Bring Back Prop Hunt!’ details the thrills of playing the classic CoD party game. Given that Prop Hunt has not featured in a Call of Duty title since Black Ops Cold War, players are calling for its return in Modern Warfare 3.

It didn’t take long for players to imagine how the hide-and-seek style mode could play on MW3‘s new fan-favorite Meat map: “prop hunt would be a ton of fun, imagine on Meat… you’re a refrigerator or dead carcass.”

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Players also began to imagine all of the objects that can potentially keep them hidden for long periods: “With all the random clutter that they have strewn about these maps that I am constantly getting hung up on, definite advantage to the props.”

Despite the consensus that Prop Hunt would be a great addition to MW3, one player was worried that the decision to add permanent UAV sweeps to Infected could potentially ruin Prop Hunt if it were to appear. “They probably mess it up anyway and give the hunters perma uav just like infected.”

While Prop Hunt hasn’t been teased in the Season 1 roadmap, it remains to be seen if the devs are keeping it in store as a Season 2 addition.

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