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Shadowheart in Baldur

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are repeating hours of gameplay to keep the romance alive

Emily Stander

Baldur’s Gate 3 players do not shy away from how attached they become to romanceable companions, and have gone to great lengths in the name of love. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to have romantic moments with many characters. Depending on your choices, you can romance anyone in the Original party alongside more side-playing characters like Halsin. 

Not all characters need the same thing from you to stay in a relationship, however. Similarly to how the approval rating works with each Origin character, you can only romance someone if they are happy with the choices you make throughout the game.

As a result, many players have made choices they wouldn’t have otherwise – all in the name of love. ‘MarziaIsASweetheart’ shared their experience with this on Reddit: “Astarion talked to me about his feelings, and I said, ‘Oh yeah, this answer is what a chaotic evil person would pick’. He then broke up with me, and a short Google search told me I couldn’t get him back,” they explained. 

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“I looked at my saves, I only had a save outside the Mausoleum. Meaning I had to redo the whole thing. I sat there for a whole minute, pondering if I needed romance in this game, playing a super evil character and all. I did the whole thing again, picked a good answer for romance, and now we’re ok, I’m ok.”

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The OP’s confession inspired other Baldur’s Gate 3 players to share all about the choices they have made to keep their romances alive. Another player said, “On my very first playthrough, I was about 230+ hours into the game when I realized I f***ed up my romance with Astarion sometime during Act 2. So obviously I did what any sane person would do and I remade my character in a new save file and started over from the beginning.”

Players are not only save scumming to help them out of situations where they lose their romance option, but some are also struggling to choose who to romance. “At first I wanted Astarion but Wyll and Gale were so sweet and NOW Halsin is making my knees weak,” another fan said. 

The overall feeling in the thread was that Larian Studios has done such a stellar job in character writing that players can’t help but love them. This was evident from the thread; from restarting entire playthroughs to save scumming, fans of the game will do anything to keep their relationships intact. 

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